Vocean’s ideation engine is the fastest, most scalable, data-driven way to test, improve and execute your most amazing ideas.


At the speed of thought.


How Vocean works


Place your
thoughts in Vocean

Gather ideas in an open way from your employees or your ecosystem. Quick and easy to use.


Collect unique
breakthrough ideas

Vocean visualizes in real time and allow you to sort, filter and search to find the breakthrough ideas. Vocean Engine makes the process intelligent and generates a report for you.


Make augmented
decisions in real-time

Insights gained from the outcome of Vocean helps you make more accurate and fast decisions and brings your company to success.

Remote work

Work together at anytime,
anywhere with everyone.

Quick and easy

Quick to get into the system and participate through a link or QR code.

Empower your ecosystem

Give your participants direct access to your platform or activities by links and QR-codes.

The effect of
using vocean

Get groundbreaking ideas and insights, simple and quick.

Safe and reliable

Vocean is a GDPR-compliant cloud service. You got control of your own data and can delete it whenever you want.


The Vocean Effect

  • Thinking organisations.
  • Empowered collaborators.
  • Trustful insights from individuals.
  • Momentum of inspiration and action.
  • From silo mentality to horisontal understanding.
  • The ideas and feedback in focus not whom.
  • Ocean of Voices.

Thinking organisations
Empowered collaborators
Trustful insights from individuals
Momentum of inspiration and action
From silo mentality to horisontal understanding
The ideas and feedback in focus not whom
Ocean of Voices

Focus Industries

& Agencies

Stimulate innovation and gather auhentic data-driven feedack.


Large Corporate
& Public Sector

Scale your brainstorming and get from concept to execution faster then ever.


Innovation Camp
& Events

Accelerate your GovTech innovation with real-time ideation workshop tools.

Ideation is Here

Whether you are a consultant running workshops, or an agency creating game-changing campaigns, the Vocean ideation engine lets you crowdsource innovation fast, using structured digital activities to gather data that informs decision making. It’s like hyper-speed brainstorming at massive scale. Use it as an agile innovation platform or to reach operative excellence in your organisation. The reporting tool provides you directly with basis for decisions and it also allows you to add your own analysis to it. You can deliver a professional report to your customer immediately.


Real-Time Interaction

Interact or use the collective intelligence of the participants during the event. Publish an activity link or QR-code and invite any number of participants. Cap the number of responses you want to receive and pay for only the results! After the event you can share and distribute the report. 


Accelerate Innovation with
Vocean Activities