Digitise your ideation process

  • Voting, surveys and value mapping activities gather digital feedback

  • Structured activity approach means fast, curated ideation

  • As easy and scalable as social media to crowdsource ideas

  • Empower remote team members to contribute feedback in real-time

  • One-click AI-powered visual reports for key stakeholder reviews

  • Cross platform availability via browser and mobile

  • Pay monthly or by volume of audience contributions

14-day Trial account

Accelerate your Innovation with Vocean Activities

Activity Driven

Brainstorming is fun, but often too unstructured to be efficient. By using our Vocean activities you can break you idea into digestable pieces and step through the ideation process quickly!

Unlimited Invites

Whether you want to publish an idea and get feedback from 20 or 20,000 Thinkers, the Vocean system will scale to your demand. Crowdsource collective intelligence for fast and diverse feedback!

1-Click Insights

Vocean's AI-driven report gives you the audit trail and data, and visualisations you need to justify to key decision-makers and stakeholders why your idea deserves to be implemented!

Technical overview

  • No local installation needed

  • Auto updates and upgrades

  • Supports latest browser versions

  • Works on PC and Mobile platforms

  • Intuitive user experience

  • Multiple user profile options

  • Easy to administer and manage

  • User access controls in admin mode

  • In-app payment option

  • Built on Microsoft Azure

  • 99.99% guaranteed up-time

  • High Security


Vocean is a Swedish Start-Up with a mission to make ideation fun, scalable and data-driven!