Happy Employees = More Innovation

Evaluate - Ask your Employees how they feel

Aim for a Innovative working environment that really matters

Evaluate options

  • Customize and set-up the Evaluate activity using pre-made functions
  • Scaled for 10 000+ user responses
  • Real time update on all devices
  • Automatic reports with insight data.

Top feature

  • Send out Employee surveys to selected groups. Create a Employee channel for quick and easy survey onboarding. Let the Employees answear when they have the time and see the real time updates on all devices.

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Activities to boost Innovation

Prioritize or select your future development path by using our different kinds of voting Activities. Share your insights with the whole organization.

Take the temperature on your Organization and Employees. Gather feedback to spark Innovation that really matters.

Explore allows you to gather information and feedback from external sources by creating your own questionnaires.

Spark Innovation and Ideation with our defined templates. Invite hundreds of Thinkers and group them if needed for structured data.

An easy way to keep track of your To-Do's and collaborate with others.

Gather issues, bugs, feedback or project info and structure the information quick and easy.


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