The Vocean Platform

Don't let physical meetings dictate innovation speed

  • Tap into the collective intelligence of your entire organisation
  • Eliminate geographic barriers by empowering distributed teams to give real-time feedback
  • Use votes, surveys and value maps to innovate on ideas that can drive real business impact
  • Easily publish visual reports for key stakeholder reviews
  • Cross platform avalibility via browser or mobile
  • Create user groups to streamline activity invitations
  • Perform one time Activities at massive scale with our Brainburst feature

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Accelerate your Innovation with Vocean Activities


A flexible way to allow your Thinkers to dot-vote, score-vote or prioritize.


A customizable questionnaire with five different ways to collect and measure feedback.

Value Mapping

Spark innovation by positioning your ideas according to your most highly-valued metrics. The fastest way to build a 2x2 matrix.


A simple Kanban chart to collaborate and keep track of next steps and ownership with your entire team of Thinkers.

Insightful Reports

Generate insights with a published report in one click

  • Compile all your visualizations in one single report
  • Vocean´s high-level AI reporting engine generates summaries of the most impactful Activity data.
  • The report contains editable fields so you can customize the result for your audience
  • One click to publish to .pdf for easy distribution

Technical overview

  • Free of maintenance, no local installation needed
  • Web-based interace that support latest version of all browsers, both mobile and PC
  • Intuitive user experience, easy to administrate and manage
  • Built on Microsoft Azure for speed and scalability
  • 99.99% guaranteed up-time
  • High Security
  • GDPR proof


Vocean is a Swedish Start-Up with a mission to make you love Ideas and the power of Innovation