Pricing Models

Seat license

For all types or organizations and companies that wants toinnovate and collaborate more together

€ 13 / month per Seat

(pay per month or per year)

Top features:

  • Unlimitid usage of all Activitis to your Seat license members
  • All role types (Leader, Employee, Thinker)
  • Access to all Activity types and Services
  • Unlimited number of Thinker groups and Channels
  • Automatic Reports
  • Automatic QR-code creation
  • Maximum of 100 simultaneous Activity sessions
  • App for Thinkers
  • User support

BRAINBURSTS can always be created within a Seat License account so that anyone both inside or outside of your organization can participate in your Activities.


Pay-per-use for workshops and mass-volume public feedback

From € 0.3 / contribution

(no monthly costs)

Top features:

  • The Pay per click activities avalible are the Innovate, Vote and Explore activities
  • Send out your activites to Mail, Phone, The Vocean App or publish a public link
  • Automatic QR-code creation
  • Automatic reports
  • Includes support

No user seats can be added to the Brainburst licens. You can always switch to the Seat licence model from a Brainburst license if needed.

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