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Whether you are a consultant running workshops, or an agency creating game-changing campaigns, the Vocean ideation engine lets you crowdsource innovation fast, using structured digital activities to gather data that informs decision making. It’s like hyper-speed brainstorming at massive scale.

* Crowdsource innovation by inviting Thinkers to structured activities

* Gather real-time feedback regardless of geographic location

* Use votes, surveys and value maps to collect and revise ideas real-time!

Accelerate Innovation with Vocean Activities


Multiple types of flexible voting activities including weighted, prioritized and dot-voting.


A customizable questionnaire with five different ways to collect and measure feedback.

Value Mapping

The fastest way to build 2x2 and 3x2 matrices to identify the ideas that best match your top priorities.

Target Industries


Stimulate innovation and gather auhentic data-driven feedack.


Scale your brainstorming and get from concept to execution faster then ever.

Public Sector

Accelerate your GovTech innovation with real-time ideation workshop tools.

BrainBurst - Instant Feedback at Massive Scale

Unlimited Real-Time Ideation Feedback

Publish a Vocean BrainBurst activitiy and invite any number of participants with a weblink or QR-code.

Cap the number of responses you want to receive and pay for only the number of contributions you receive!

A great option for agencies, consultancies and event companies that focus on workshops and conferences with large numbers of attendees.

Pricing Models

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Vocean is a Swedish Start-Up with a mission to make ideation fun, scalable and data-driven!