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The Silicon Valley veteran will take the Swedish start-up Vocean® to new heights

by Vocean | sep 19, 2019 | Press release

Focusing on an international rollout of its digital collaboration platform in the US, the rest of the EU and APAC in the coming years, Swedish Vocean® is now recruiting Silicon Valley veteran Shawn Adamek as its new CEO.

“We have identified a focus area that has almost infinite global potential and is largely untouched. In the coming months we will scale up to take advantage of this opportunity, ”says Shawn Adamek. He has just moved with his family from the San Francisco area on the west coast of the United States. After half a working life in Silicon Valley, he is now leaving the world's tech mecca for Sweden and a company that is ready to take the stage in the world shortly.

“Whether it's in Silicon Valley, Sweden or elsewhere, there is a wind of change sweeping the world right now, where organizations and companies are decentralized. This means that tools that facilitate and develop the opportunities for innovation, collaboration and communication are needed. Vocean has a unique position and an important role to play, ”he says.

The company has huge plans for the future with a global expansion on the agenda. Shawn Adamek is already working on the job at Vocean, a job he sees as something more than just selling a product. It's about adapting the corporate world to a new generation of people.

The people who now come into working life have lived their entire lives with the Internet and social media. For them, direct influence, open communication channels and quick feedback are a matter of course. They will expect their professional lives to reflect their privacy. When these young, intelligent individuals are now starting to come out into work, they expect to be able to communicate their valuable ideas from day one and have a voice that is heard. And they will expect feedback on a new level. This is a huge change in the history of humanity. Our mission at Vocean is to ensure that the corporate world is ready for this.

With this recruitment, Vocean is taking an important step towards its continued development and expansion.

“With Shawn Adamek in the team, the company is strengthened by being able to successfully enable all organizations to utilize and highlight the creative and intellectual power of the individuals in a whole new way,” says Peter Kollin ”, principal owner and former CEO.

Shawn Adamek has worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years. He started his career working with software in the education sector and from there went on to work for a successful sound technology company for mobile phones. Shawn Adamek's latest position was with Finnish start-up Umbra, where he established their US office, among other things. He has for many years worked for NVIDIA, one of the world-leading 3D graphics companies. During those years, he worked closely with Microsoft, an experience that Vocean values ​​in his own collaboration with the company.

"I myself have seen how successful companies can become in partnerships with Microsoft and I am excited to once again collaborate with them," says Shawn Adamek.

For more information, please contact:

Flavia Shannon, CMO Vocean; +46 722 38 64 60, flavia.shannon@vocean.com

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