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There is a lot to win by switching over to Agile HR, but the transition is a challenge for any organization

by Vocean | sep 13, 2019 | Blog

Agile HR is about making your organization more like the world it exists in and more similar to the humans it consists of. It is about making it smoother and more flexible and less stiff, not as square. You’ll turn it from a built system and into a living organism. Which in turn will make your organization better, more effective and way more competitive.

The Agile HR way is to a large extent about shaping your company after it’s employees by focusing on them and their needs. With other words, it’s about making the company as well as the organization more adaptable to our ever-changing world around us; of which the employees are a part of. For the leadership that means a shift from leading to engaging, the structure will become more of a network and less of a hierarchical system, and for the employees it becomes more about ambition than obligation. The foundation for Agile HR is simple: if the people the organization consist of feel good then so does the organization.

To reshape your company structure into one characterized by Agile HR is a major challenge. Vocean can help with the process. Agile HR rests on four pillars. This is how Vocean corresponds with those four pillars:

1. Security

In an agile organization the employees must dare to stick their chins out, dare to think critically, dare to bring forward and present new ideas, dare to make mistakes. They must not fear in speaking up. In order for fear to be non-existent, trust and a feeling of psychological safety must be present. The employees and coworkers must feel safe.

Vocean is a cloud service made to stimulate communication within your organization, and to enhance collaboration, engagement and creativity. The platform’s services are designed to enable organizations to highlight and use the employees’ unique knowledge, experience and insights to its best ability. The prime raison d’être of the solution is to maximize the involvement of the coworkers and employees. A higher degree of involvement brings a higher degree of motivation.

2. Purpose

All businesses have a purpose. An organization must understand its own purpose, and so must all people that operates within it. The purpose is more than just a description of tasks. It is a common goal, a common existence if you will. It demands communication and cooperation between everybody involved. And most importantly; it requires transparency.

Voceans digital services, made to collect and analyze ideas, opinions, suggestions, thoughts and preferences produced by people, increases the transparency of your organization. It also creates a bigger sense of community and involvement. When everybody inside of an organization feel like they are a part of it, they take bigger responsibility. Those things combined makes the purpose much clearer and stronger.

3. Competence

Every individual should develop themselves after their own prerequisites and strengths.

Vocean’s Planning tool helps people structure, organize and prioritize their own everyday tasks and goals. It also creates transparency between colleagues and within teams as well as helps people to keep track of their own and others’ progress. These are matters that makes collaboration easier, enables better support between colleagues and creates a sense of belonging and community. The platform assists the coworkers in developing, educating and supporting each other. By stimulating the exchange of ideas, community problem solving and making it easier for suggestions of improvement to grow and prosper, Vocean makes it possible for organizations to tap into their collective intelligence to a much larger extent. The opportunity for partners and coworkers to share knowledge and insights with each other occur.

4. Complex problems.

Easy solutions don’t grow on trees. An environment that supports and promotes innovative thinking and commitment on an individual level prepares and arms your organization so it is ready to face challenges should they occur. If coworkers and management a like all have access to the entire collected intelligence, experience and knowledge in real time it is way easier to in a quick way problem solve.

Voceans Innovate service is made to collect partners’, colleagues’, coworkers’ and customers’ ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Solutions and insights are not as far in an organization equipped with a large bank of knowledge that actively is looking for them.

In order to create a dynamic and innovative organizational culture, employees must be stimulated and encouraged to think and be creative. This is imperative for creating more innovative, flexible and adaptable organizations in general. With Vocean’s digital tools, you facilitate for your organization to create a more dynamic, creative and solution-oriented culture in everyday life. And it is only through everyday work that new ways of driving the organization forward can set themselves in the very foundation and become a natural part of everyday work for those who work there.